Established in 1555 as Hoi-Shozoku (clerical garments) trading company. Later on, the business changed to a family business for Yuzenzome, a dyeing method and we have since kept our reputation with our continuous devotion. As the number one Kyo-Yuzen kimono brand, we endeavor to live up to hour inheritance of skill and beauty.


Creating Kimono
Bringing joy to all who wear kimono.

Chiso designs and makes elegant kimono that are luxurious and beautiful, only possible using the Kyo Yuzen dyeing technique and our long history.
Chiso wants to be a part of those happy moments in people’s lives, and share along with your family and loved ones.

In 1555, Chiso was established in Kyoto. Our founder began in the vestment business and became the biggest company in Kyoto. Since then we have created a variety fabrics and textiles using high standard of techniques, embroidery, and Yuzen-dyeing.
Using history and tradition as its guide, Chiso has always met the shifting of trends and tastes over the years.

To create kimono, artisans and designers require superior techniques, skill, and experience. Chiso’s artisans belong to the company exclusively and benefit from Chiso’s inherited traditions. Chiso’s products are guaranteed by its ”made in Kyoto”label, and almost all elements of our kimono production - from threads to finished kimono - are domestic.


Our strong network of best ateliers for kimono contributes and creates beautiful kimono by Chiso.
Chiso is always creating new value by combining timeless traditions with current trends and needs.
Demand for original luxury items is currently growing. Our relationship with customers is personal and strong and this allows us to show off the beauty of Yuzen and our traditional and fresh designs.
Chiso cherishes its frontier spirit and its products and service reflect this. It is as important to us today as it was when we first began the garment business.


Kimono & Textiles

Production, sales, planning, production of various textiles.


We design and produce kimono for a variety of occasions, such as Haregi (best kimono), celebrating important moments in life as well as high-class formal kimono. Taking advantage of our many years of experience and our skill using classic patterns of Japanese beauty, we produce colors and designs that modern women love.
Our business is not limited to producing kimono, but also includes a wholesale business serving retailers nationwide. We also operate SOHYA our retail shop.


Major Products:
- Haute couture kimono
- High-class kimono - first kimono; kimono for the shichi-go-san festival (7, 5, 3 year old celebrations); furisode (long sleeved) kimono; wedding clothes; kurotomesode (black-background kimono); irotomesode (colored-background kimono); visiting dresses (semi-formal kimono); plain fabrics; yuzen kijaku (Yuzen fabrics, standard length)

Creative Business

S.NISHIMURA CO, LTD. Corporate Group develops design business based on the creativity of Chiso.

Cultural program

Chiso Gallery

Chiso Gallery

The Chiso Gallery was established on the second floor of our company’s headquarters in Kyoto where Yuzen selections and paintings - from the collection of Chiso - can be viewed by the public.
An exhibition featuring Chiso’s craftsmanship along with a collection of artifacts is also held in the gallery.
We have plans to hold exhibitions and cultural events and make our Gallery a place for cultural exchange and cultural discussion on what Japanese culture is, what design is, and what fashion and art is.

Address Chiso Head Office Building 2F
80 Mikura-cho Sanjo Karasuma Nishiiru Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi 604-8166
TEL (+81) 75-211-2531
FAX (+81) 75-211-2530
Operating Hours 11:00 - 17:00
Closed Wednesdays
*Gallery is closed occasionally to change exhibitions or private showing or events.
Admission Free


Three minute walk from Karasuma Oike subway station.
Seven minute walk from Hankyu Karasuma Station.
Chiso Bldg., 1F, up the stairs to the 2nd floor from the “SOHYA TAS”.

View for the exhibition detail


The collection of materials owned by Chiso, approximately 20,000 pieces in total, ranges from important cultural properties - designated by the national government - to dyed fabrics, books, and paintings. The ancestors of Chiso have passed these items down through the generations with great care, and are a valuable source of the history of Japanese design. We work hard to conserve these treasures, and at the same time, to contribute to society through conducting further investigation and study in collaboration with nationwide museums.

Restoration and Repair Services

We regularly perform conservation services for textiles, such as for kosode. A high degree of knowledge of the era’s fabrics and dyeing practices are a requirement to perform these services. Chiso, in collaboration with various universities, provides repairs not only on kosode garments from the Edo period but also on Yuzen items that were exported overseas during the Meiji era and on items throughout Japan as well as overseas.

Restoration and repair


Company Profile

Company name Chiso Co., Ltd.
Business Production, sales, planning, and production of various textiles
History Founded in 1555 (First year of Koji), Established in 1937
Representatives Sohzaemon Nishimura, chairman and executive director
Yasushi Nakata, President
Office Head office
80 Mikura-cho Sanjo Karasuma Nishiiru, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi 604-8166
TEL (+81) 75-211-2531 / FAX (+81) 75-211-2530
Tokyo office
4F, Hulic Nihombashi Honcho 1-Chome Bldg. 1-9-4, Nihombashi Honcho Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023
TEL (+81) 3-3241-5071 / FAX (+81) 3-3241-5070
Number of Employees 101 (53 men, 48 women) *As of June 2019
Bank Kyoto Branch of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Head Office of Bank of Kyoto, Mizuho Bank Kyoto, Chuo Branch
Capital 100 million yen
Major Clients Takashimaya, Mitsukoshi, Daimaru, Matsuzakaya, Isetan, Hankyu, Tokyu, Kintetsu, Seibu, and other department stores and specialty stores
Group Company S.NISHIMURAhttp://www.s-nishimura.co.jp
Chiso Yuzen Plant


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